In today’s digital age and networked world, an organization’s corporate data have become their prized assets which also mean it is now more susceptible to falling into the hands of intruders and unauthorized persons. Company networks get more vulnerable when inter-connectivity of different systems become inevitable. Security studies conducted show 90 percent of respondents experienced unauthorized use of their computer systems.

With the Internet now being so pervasive, the need to manage and protect networks against attacks and ensure communication privacy becomes more critical example of website who definitely need our service are casino website¬†and gaming operators like Magnum. At Secure Tangent Sdn Bhd, we help you stay ahead of such computer security vulnerabilities. Secure Tangent¬†specializes in providing independent security consulting services and is dedicated to providing effective and innovative protection of information assets, and security solutions that are geared to clients’ objectives, budgets, risks and profile.

Secure Tangent helps organizations protect business-critical assets by developing strategies and implementing ‘best-practices’ security measures through conducting regular security assessments, security policy set-up, holistic planning and design. Out technical expertise, combined with an intimate business knowledge, positions Secure Tangent to deliver cutting edge security consulting to a wide range of companies in Malaysia and the Region.

At Secure Tangent, we have built a team of Internationally-Certified computer security experts in areas such as complex network security design, system healthcare, data protection, application-level security design, computer forensics and managed security services, offering a wealth of expertise to industries with specialized security needs. Through hands-on deployment of advanced security systems and technologies, we enable our clients to leverage on the experience of these industry experts to gain maximum enterprise protection.

With a proper security process and infrastructure in place, our clients are able to commit more of their resources to improving their business. The result is an improvement in efficiency, reduction of cost and hence, an increase in revenue.